Affiliated C.B.S.E Delhi (Aff. No. : 1730236)
Vishwamitra Marg, Near Hanuman Nagar Ext.,
Sirsi Road, Jaipur (Rajasthan) 302012
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  • The Registration Fee of Rs 700/- is non-refundable and registration does not guarantee admission.
  • Sanskar is a main stream school and is able to handle the learning deficiencies only. For other kind of disabilities, parents are advised to enroll their child in a Special School.
  • lncome of the parents should be sufficient to pay the School Fee.


Note: -

  1. This form should be filled only when you agree to the rules of the school and are satisfied with the facilities/infrastructure available in the school and you agree to get your children enrolled in the school on payment of fees as notified by the school from time to time.
  2. The 'School Fee' is tuition fee which is charged for the course of study that may be in any mode, as appropriate, according to time and circumstances. A certificate for payment of 'Tuition Fee' will be provided to the parents for the amount paid towards 'School Fee'.
  3. The School Fee for one ensuing academic session shall be payable by the parent irrespective of admission / withdrawal of the child on any date.
  4. No fee other than caution money will be refunded after the admission of the child in the school.
  5. Any activity beyond school hours or/and outsourced/extra service will be charged separately and the parent will have the right to opt for such activity.
  6. The school fee can be deposited through the school website Payment of fee through cheque will be accepted ONLY at the School. The cheque should be drawn in favour of "Sanskar School". Payment through NEFT/IMPS/UPI, etc. will require confirmation through screenshot/payment details made available to the School Office to update the school records.
  7. Parents should declare health, physical, psychological, Iearning and other concerns of their child along with certificates, prescriptions, Instructions, etc.
  8. Particulars of child and parents should be entered correctly as mentioned in the Transfer Certificate, Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, etc., submitted at the time of admission, which will be entered in the records of the school and shall not be changed in future in any case.

Submission of this application for registration is on express acceptance of the rules for fees /academics / attendance / examination / conduct / behaviour, etc. as decided by the Sanskar School authorities from time to time.

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